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ヤマメ Yamame
Anime Boruto Episode #243
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Yamame (ヤマメ, Yamame) is a citizen of the Land of Water.


During his childhood, Yamame was close friends with Iwana. When Kagura Karatachi had moved to their village, Yamame had noticed he isolated himself from the other children, so he and Iwana approached the boy and befriended him.


He is a kind, friendly and positive guy. Yamame treats shinobi with respect and, realising that they are the hope for saving the village, refuses his food in their favour. He also keeps the memory of the deceased Kagura.


Yamame is a fairly tall young man with dark eyes and short, spiky brown hair that has unusual bangs that are a lighter shade than the rest of his hair. He wears a white shirt with a purple tank top over it, as well as pants and sandals.


He has skills as a carpenter and builder, being able to build barriers and fences with Iwana and Kyohō Fuefuki in a short time.

New Era

Great Sea Battle of Kirigakure Arc

Main article: Great Sea Battle of Kirigakure Arc Years after leaving the village, Kagura returned and was greeted by Yamame and Iwana. Kagura informed his childhood friends of the threat of the elite forces from the Funato clan, who would pass by their village on their way to Kirigakure. Yamame agreed to help his Kagura and his allies to help defend the village. Later, Yamame noticed Kyohō Fuefuki cutting down trees by himself, both him and Iwana offered to help him in setting up the village defences. After the Funato's attack, Iwana and Yamame made repairs on their village while still mourning for Kagura.

Iwana and Yamame ask Kyohō to stay in the village.

As the elite forces return for another attack, Yamame and Iwana hid with the other villagers while they both implored Boruto to avenge Kagura. After the Funato's second attack, Yamame and the other villagers rebuilt their village stronger than before. When an injured Funato soldier was brought back for interrogation, Yamame and the other villagers were against it, resentful of the Funato. He and Iwana asked Kyohō to stay and protect the village now that he had been pardoned, but he refused, saying he had to help Buntan against the Funato. When Team 7 returned from an ambush at Boruto, which involved Funamushi's son Kobuna, they remained in favour of fighting the Funato.


  • The word "Yamame" (ヤマメ) has two meanings in Japanese:
    • When written in "水蠆", it means "dragonfly naiad".
    • When written in "山女" "landlocked masu salmon".