Kabuto analyses an opponent's facial expression, movements, and the properties of their jutsu to anticipate where and how he will be attacked.[1] He then gathers chakra to the area of his body where the attack will strike,[2] preemptively starting medical treatment in order to minimise the damage he'll receive.[1] The more extensive the damage, the more chakra it takes to heal; the damage from Rasengan is so great that Kabuto lacks enough chakra to fully recover.[2] In addition to needing to correctly read the opponent and react in time, users require great resilience in order to perform the jutsu, traits that only Kabuto possesses.[1]


  • Kabuto stated that it was because of this technique that he is so favoured by Orochimaru, as his ability to activate and reproduce cells makes him invaluable for Orochimaru's experiments.[2]
  • In the anime, Tsunade, after having seen Kabuto perform this technique, develops a similar procedure which she uses this to increase the survival rate of Rock Lee's spinal surgery from 50% to 58%.[3]

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