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ヨルガ Yoruga
Anime Boruto Episode #160
Appears in Anime
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Sex Gender Male Male
Status Deceased


Yoruga (ヨルガ, Yoruga) was a shinobi from the Land of Haze.


Yoruga and his brothers were orphans who found a home in the Land of Haze's orphanage. Despite it being a smaller and impoverished country, they enjoyed having decent meals. They would also often spend their time playing under a large peach tree.


Like his brothers, Yoguga was an extremely committed man. He would willingly sacrifice himself for his brothers and his mission. This came from the hardships of his childhood. Appreciating what it is like to suffer in life, he treasured any small peace of joy he could have. Of his brothers, Yoruga was apparently the most cheerful and laidback, always looking back on fond memories and eager to make new ones. His love for his brothers and country was so great, he would face his impending demise with a still carefree attitude.


Like his brothers, Yoruga specialised in Haze-Style kinjutsu. His personal technique was a self-sacrificing infiltration technique. With it, he could summon a gate that would easily bypass any barrier unnoticed. He also carried a tantō, hinting at skill in kenjutsu.

New Era

Kara Actuation Arc

Yoruga and his brothers were given a mission to retrieve the cells of the First Hokage Hashirama Senju, which made its way into the black market in the Land of Silence. Using their female disguises, Yoruga and his brothers attempted to seduce Kirisaki to learn of the location of the cell. However, he lost interest when Boruto Uzumaki arrived himself taking the appearance of a woman.

Witnessing Boruto and his comrades taking away an unconscious Kirisaki, Yoruga and his brothers tracked them to learn that Sakuya had the cell in her possession. Seeing no way to bypass the castle's barrier ninjutsu, Yoruga decided to sacrifice himself by using his kinjutsu to allow his brothers inside the barrier. Before his passing Yoruga asked Asaka and Hiruga to promise him to leave his earring by the peach tree in their homeland.


Yoruga's sacrifice filled his brother with newfound resolve to complete their mission, promising to hang his earring under the peach tree of their old orphanage.

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