"You're Just Like" (まるでお前は, Marude omae wa, Viz: You Remind Me Of...) is chapter 9 of the Boruto manga.


Boruto throws his Rasengan at Momoshiki, much to Naruto's surprise. Momoshiki notices the incoming attack and prepares to absorb it. The Rasengan vanishes before reaching Momoshiki, who scoffs at the attack's perceived weakness. However, the attack connects, breaking Momoshiki's focus and freeing the others from his binding. Boruto joins his father, and Sasuke explains how he took Boruto as a pupil on the condition he learned the Rasengan, and how Boruto unconsciously altered the Rasengan. Sasuke is glad that despite being an unpredictable gamble, it worked. Momoshiki consumes more chakra edibles and prepares for another devastating attack. Naruto asks Boruto to create his Rasengan again. Boruto does so, and Naruto adds his own chakra to the jutsu, causing it to grow to a massive size. Momoshiki creates a massive jutsu of his own. Sasuke leads the charge, telling them they only have one shot. Sasuke dodges one of Momoshiki's attacks and throws his swords at him. Momoshiki dodges the sword, and Sasuke switches places with it, but Momoshiki back kicks him, calling his ploy obvious. Sasuke's sword turns out to be a disguised Boruto, who manages to get close to Momoshiki and stab the Rinnegan on his right palm, and is grabbed by the throat. The real Boruto approaches Momoshiki with the massive Rasengan, the one in Momoshiki's grasp being a shadow clone, who disperses. Momoshiki's and Boruto's jutsu clash, with Boruto's jutsu overpowering Momoshiki's, destroying him, and injuring Boruto's right arm as well. The other Kage are impressed with Boruto. Sasuke thinks back to his previous assessment of Boruto, now convinced Boruto is like Naruto.


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