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You Damn Geezer…!!
(クソオヤジ…!!, Kuso Oyaji…!!)
Boruto Vol 2
Volume Info
Previous Boruto Uzumaki!!
Volume 2
Next My Story…!!
Pages 200
Release Date
Japanese December 2, 2016 (ISBN 978-4-08-880827-7)
English September 5, 2017 (ISBN 978-1-4215-9584-9)

You Damn Geezer…!! (クソオヤジ…!!, Kuso Oyaji…!!) is volume 2 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga.

Chapter 4

"You Damn Geezer…!!" (クソオヤジ…!!, Kuso Oyaji…!!)

Shikamaru comes by Naruto's office, informs him that their children passed to the next phase of the Chūnin Exams, and that they're likely to face off against one another in the next phase. Naruto celebrates after Shikamaru leaves. Naruto meets with Sasuke, who is waiting on the decryption of Kaguya's scroll. When Sasuke turns to leave, Naruto confirms with Sasuke that he is training Boruto. Sasuke asks if Boruto told him, but Naruto answers it was Konohamaru. Naruto concedes to Sasuke's earlier claim that the essence of a shinobi never changes. At home, Boruto is congratulated for passing to the next phase of the exams by his mother and sister. He thanks them, says not to bother with dinner, and goes to his room. Boruto contemplates his Kote, when someone knocks on the door. Boruto covers the tool, stressing his earlier words, only to be surprised by Naruto. Naruto congratulates Boruto, mirroring Shikamaru's earlier words that important things should be said in person. Naruto tries fist-bumping Boruto, telling him not to lose to Shikadai. Boruto is appreciative of the words, but doesn't return the fist-bump, as not to expose his Kote. Naruto bumps his fist on Boruto's chest instead, and says he'll be watching him. After Naruto leaves, Boruto tries down-playing the event to himself, but smiles and tears up. At his office, Naruto looks at his old outfit.

The day of the third phase, Lee as a proctor explains how the matches will be proceed. Boruto is matched against Yurui. The two exchange a few blows, before Yurui begins blowing his explosive bubblegum. When the smoke of the first explosion clears, Yurui has covered the arena with more bubbles. Knowing his father is watching, Boruto almost uses the shurikenjutsu he learned from Sasuke, but opts to use the Kote at the last moment, throwing a special shuriken that makes a very tight turn, causing the bubble Yurui is creating to blow up on his face. In the audience, Sarada and Mitsuki note the tight turn. Sarada, Shikadai, Mitsuki, Araya, and Shinki defeat Tarui, Yodo, Toroi, Inojin, and Chōchō, respectively. Boruto fights Shikadai, who tries to immobilise Boruto's clones. Boruto almost lands a blow, but Shikadai expands his shadow over a wide area at the last moment, catching Boruto and all his clones. Determined not to lose, Boruto manages to release several small scrolls from his Kote, generating many more clones out of Shikadai's reach. Naruto notices the scrolls. Shikadai forfeits, not wanting to bother with countering so many clones. In the audience, Temari, Sakura, and Ino recall when Shikamaru forfeited his fight against Temari. Katasuke tells his subordinate they'll make their move soon. Naruto stands up, bothered. Sasuke receives the scroll's decrypted contents, and goes to tell Naruto about it immediately, certain the exams will have to be suspended. Naruto jumps down to the arena. Boruto tries fist-bumping him, but Naruto catches his hand, exposing the Kote, and asks Boruto what is going on. Kinshiki and Momoshiki fly towards the arena, Kinshiki sensing a lot of chakra gathering, and Momoshiki seeing Naruto with Kurama's chakra with his Byakugan.

Chapter 5

"Momoshiki and Kinshiki!!" (モモシキとキンシキ!!, Momoshiki to Kinshiki!!)

Naruto disqualifies Boruto from the Chūnin Exams because of his use of the Kote. Naruto says they'll have a talk later, causing Boruto to lash out at him, asking if he'll have the time, and saying that if he had actually taught him, things would not have come to this point. Katasuke jumps in and tries to advertise the Kote. Kinshiki lands on the arena, and punches the floor, severely damaging the structure. Temari, Sakura and Gaara begin protecting the audience. Gaara tells Shinki not to try fighting the opponent. Kankurō pulls people away from falling debris with his chakra threads. While Naruto instructs Boruto to leave, Momoshiki drops in and kicks him away. Sasuke swoops in to save Sarada, while Mitsuki protects a child. Sasuke and Kinshiki exchange insults. Momoshiki pays no attention to Boruto, who tries attacking him with a Fire Release from his Kote. Momoshiki absorbs it, and Boruto tries attacking him with more jutsu from his Kote, all of which are also absorbed. Momoshiki moves in to attack Boruto, but Naruto interferes, taking him away. From afar, Shikamaru paralyses Momoshiki and Kinshiki with his Shadow Imitation Technique. Momoshiki absorbs it as well. Sasuke informs Naruto who they are, and that the contents of Kaguya's scroll was a warning about them, and their intention of acquiring the chakra fruit. Naruto admonishes them from attacking innocent people when he's the one they want. Momoshiki berates them as lesser beings, and ingests chakra pills, and creates a massive attack with the several jutsu he's absorbed. Feeling responsible for having empowered Momoshiki, Boruto creates a shadow clone to protect Sarada. Momoshiki throws an attack their way, but Naruto blocks it by manifesting Kurama's head out of chakra, as well as creating shadow clones to protect those still in the stadium. Sasuke lends Naruto his chakra. Momoshiki throws his full attack at the stadium. Naruto asks Sasuke to protect the children. Naruto prepares to go full out on Momoshiki.

Chapter 6

"Loser" (ウスラトンカチ, Usuratonkachi)

Naruto enters Tailed Beast Mode and holds Momoshiki's attack back. He considers using a Tailed Beast Ball on it, but changes his mind. Boruto questions why he would do that, and Sasuke explains that Naruto could just blast the attack away, but doing so would destroy much of the surrounding land. Momoshiki takes Naruto's course of action as proof of being an inferior form of life. Naruto takes the full force of the attack, as Boruto recalls Sasuke's words about Naruto's past struggles. Boruto wakes up at the hospital, where everyone was brought to after the attack. He finds his mother being treated by Sakura, with Himawari by her side. Sakura explains Hinata was injured trying to keep Momoshiki and Kinshiki from taking Naruto. Full of regret, Boruto runs out of the hospital, tripping on a medical kit. He notices he's still wearing his Kote, and angrily removes and tosses it aside. He goes to the Hokage's office, and recalls his previous criticisms of Naruto. He finds and puts on Naruto's old jacket, and considers himself a loser. Sasuke agrees with him. Sasuke points out the similarities between Boruto's current situation and Naruto's when he was his age, prompting Boruto to ask Sasuke what Naruto did back then. Sasuke thinks Boruto is starting to overcome his weaknesses. Sasuke tells Boruto to ask Naruto himself, as Sasuke is still able to sense his chakra. Boruto asks Sasuke why he would look after him, and Sasuke replies that he is his student. Sasuke states Boruto is a strong shinobi, though Boruto has his doubts. Sasuke points out he is Naruto's son, is studying under Sasuke, and is a bigger loser than Naruto was. Boruto asks what he means, and Sasuke explains Boruto grew to hate losing, unwilling to give up or back down. The other Kage volunteer to help rescuing Naruto. Gaara says Boruto looks like Naruto did back then, but Sasuke points out he is missing something. On the Academy's roof, Sasuke opens a portal with his Rinnegan to where Naruto was taken. Sakura, Hinata, Sarada and Mitsuki come see them off. Boruto puts on Sasuke's scratched forehead protector, reminding Hinata how much he looks like Naruto. Hinata tells him to protect his father, and Sasuke notes he is finally acting like a shinobi. As he goes to enter the portal, Boruto promises to come back.

Chapter 7

"Clash…!!" (激突…!!, Gekitotsu…!!)

In a barren wasteland with a God Tree, Momoshiki drains Kurama's chakra from Naruto, complaining how much there is, and how long it's taking. Naruto assures him they won't go down easy, because they're shinobi. The branch Naruto is bound to is cut down, Momoshiki and Kinshiki noting the arrival of Chōjūrō and Darui, both with their swords out. Momoshiki surmises Sasuke brought them with his Rinnegan. Boruto cuts the remaining branches holding Naruto. Sasuke breaks Naruto's fall. Gaara and Kurotsuchi join the group. Regaining his senses, Naruto notices Boruto wearing his old clothes. Sasuke tells Naruto Boruto's become a shinobi, and goes to battle. Naruto tells Boruto how much he looks like him in those clothes. Naruto apologises for the state of their relationship. Boruto tells him to tell him stories of his past. Sasuke fights Kinshiki. Chōjūrō interferes with Kinshiki's attack, noting he's fast for his size. Kinshiki changes his focus to Chōjūrō, landing one attack. He tells Chōjūrō he left himself open, but Chōjūrō tells him he's done the same. Kurotsuchi appears from the ground, landing a powerful punch on Kinshiki, sending him flying. As Kinshiki steadies himself, Sasuke lands a Chidori from behind with his sword, sending him to the ground. There, Kinshiki is pinned down by splinters from Chōjūrō, and ash from Kurotsuchi. Gaara creates sand platforms to give Darui footing in his pursuit of Momoshiki, who blocks his sword with black receivers. Naruto readies himself to join the fight, but Boruto warns him that ninjutsu won't work against Momoshiki. Momoshiki is cornered by Sasuke, who has deduced how his ninjutsu absorption works, comparing it to the Kote. Momoshiki notices Kinshiki has been immobilised. He turns his attention to Naruto and Boruto, looking at them with his Byakugan, and realising something about their fate. He points out that even if Naruto has all that power, he cannot pass it along to Boruto, much to their confusion. Momoshiki offers to show how power is passed down in his clan, turning Kinshiki into a chakra edible and consuming it. Sasuke tries attacking him, to no effect. Momoshiki manifests a third Rinnegan on his forehead and begins changing, promising Naruto he's next.

Author's Note

Boruto is serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, but is a special case, appearing only once a month. A weekly series is usually 19 pages per chapter, so monthly would be four times that, or about 76 pages. However, Boruto is 45 to 46 pages, only 60 percent of that.

Still, it takes me about a week to produce the thumbnails, about 20 days to draw the final pages and then the rest of the time is spent on coloring and other tasks... So I end up using pretty much a whole month. It's not something I asked for, and I have no idea whose decision it was, but I sure am glad 'Boruto is monthly...

Mikio Ikemoto, 2016

This era that we live in experiences daily change. When I was a kid, each house had only one phone, and it was not cordless. Video game consoles consisted of Famicom (NES), and the world was waging a mysterious "battle" called the Cold War.

Today, the smartphone is commonplace and the internet is as ubiquitous as air. However, this too will likely become nostalgic history quite quickly. Boruto and his friends are striving in a world that is similarly evolving. Please enjoy their adventures!

Ukyō Kodachi, 2016

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