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ユベシ Yubeshi
Anime Boruto Episode #260
Appears in Anime
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Sex Gender Female.svg Female
  • Waitress

Yubeshi (ユベシ, Yubeshi) is a dango shop waitress in Konohagakure.


A citizen of the old town in Konohagakure, Yubeshi fell in love with Sabure, the grandson of her grandfather's friend Taruto from the new city. However, a rift began growing between their grandfathers and the residents of the old town and new city over a festival's firework display, to the point Yubeshi and Sabure felt they couldn't tell their grandfathers about their relationship, despite already having picked a wedding date.

New Era

When Ohagi and old town residents were arguing with Taruto and new city residents, Yubeshi and Sabure tried breaking them up. When Ohagi knocked Kakashi's tea over Boruto's attempt to break up the argument, Yubeshi apologised to them, and gave Kakashi a complimentary dish. She explained what the fight was about, and confirmed Boruto's suspicion that she and Sabure were had feelings for each other. When Kakashi compared the situation to a plot in the Icha Icha series, she showed him a first edition of the volume featuring that plot, which greatly interested Kakashi, as its resolution was so intense it was removed from following editions over readers passing out. She asked Kakashi to sort the fireworks dispute if he wanted the copy. Boruto and Kakashi later asked her and Sabure to make their grandfathers' dango shortcake recipe in an attempt to reconcile them, but it didn't work. Kakashi suggested they could elope, but the couple wanted their grandfathers to celebrate their union. Yubeshi was unsure when Kakashi turned the dispute into a competition, but his interference took everyone's heart out of the rivalry. Yubeshi urged Ohagi to reconcile with Taruto so she and Sabure could get married, surprising both of the grandfathers. They made up, and attended their grandchildren's wedding.


  • Yubeshi is a type of Japanese confection.