Kanji 湯隠れの里
Rōmaji Yugakure no Sato
Literal English Village Hidden in Hot Water
English TV Village Hidden in the Hotsprings, Hidden Steam[1]
Village Data
Country Land of Hot Water
Symbol Yugakure Symbol

Yugakure (湯隠れの里, Yugakure no Sato, Literally meaning: Village Hidden in Hot Water) is the hidden village of the Land of Hot Water. Like the country in which it resides, Yugakure has strong inclinations towards pacifism. After years of reluctantly offering combat-related services, Yugakure officially transitioned away from the typical shinobi missions; it prides itself as the "village that has forgotten wars" (戦を忘れた里, Ikusa o Wasureta Sato). The village's ninja now work almost exclusively within the Land of Hot Water's borders, keeping the roads safe for tourists and performing odd-jobs for the many small settlements around the country.

Yugakure's transformation from a military force was not supported by all, Hidan being a notable objector. A follower of Jashin, Hidan believed violence was good, even necessary; when he couldn't convince the village to change its ways, he became a missing-nin, slaughtering many of his fellow Yu-nin before he left. In Konoha Shinden, critics of Yugakure's pacifism decry it as "Nurumayugakure" (ぬるま湯隠れ, Literally meaning: Village Hidden in Warm Water). In Sasuke Shinden, Yugakure's ninja acknowledge a flaw in its pursuit of peace, as the village has historically tended to ignore difficult subjects in order to avoid getting involved, Jashinists and the Chinoike clan being more glaring examples.

Yugakure is surrounded by several different hotsprings, and so thick steam rises up around the village. Many resort hotels are built throughout the area for the hotsprings' visitors to stay in.


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