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Yuki Clan
Haku's Mom and Dad
(雪一族, Yuki Ichizoku)
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The Yuki Clan (雪一族, Yuki Ichizoku) lived in the Land of Water. Some time ago, the country was in the midst of a civil war. In this war, different sides battled each other using ninja in combat, some of whom possessed kekkei genkai. After the war ended, memories of the gruesome battles still lingered in the minds of the people, causing wide-spread persecutions against those with the kekkei genkai. Because of this, the Yuki clan, whose members carried the Ice Release kekkei genkai went into hiding for their own safety.[1]

Haku and his mother, now both deceased, were the only known members of this clan. What happened to the rest of the clan is unknown, but it is assumed that they were either killed or, like Haku's mother, went to live peaceful lives living as normal people, without revealing their true bloodline. Memories of the clan still linger, its members and kekkei genkai being called "cursed" even during the Fourth Shinobi World War.[2]


  • The name "Yuki" means "snow" (), a reference to their kekkei genkai.
  • The clan's ultimate technique is the Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals, which is said to have been passed down through the generations.[3]


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