This technique is a unique form of sealing which was passed down in the Land of the Sky and used to restrain the Zero-Tails.


This technique is designed to use dark chakra generated by the Zero-Tails rather than to seal it. It would appear to be a complex sealing technique, given the many sealing formulas in surrounding sealing room, as well as a rather large tablet, which is actually used to restrain the beast.

The exact mechanics of this technique are unknown, however, after the Zero-Tails was sealed, the beast became encased in a tan coloured cocoon-like structure, with the addition of several tubular attachments, which allow the beast to channel its dark chakra through the Ancor Vantian. The technique also acts to protect the Zero-Tails by absorbing any chakra from external sources which pose a threat.


  • Even restrained, the Zero-Tails is still capable of manifesting itself, and using its abilities.
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